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Whatever the subject – we make it our job to produce a training DVD that works. Megaphone Media has filmed countless training and educational videos ranging from “soft” topics like communication and facilitation skills to heavy duty technical data. A training DVD also serves as a resource that students can refer to after a training session.

Did you know: If you are a BB-EEE rated company, your investment in a Training DVD may be counted as qualified expenditure towards BEE points.




Watch a sample video here:





Benefits to the client:

  1. Video and audio increases memory retention in training and education.
  2. DVD is used by students as a reference after their training is done.
  3. Video DVD and photo’s are packaged in a full-colour gloss printed DVD case.
  4. Megaphone Media crew has all the in-house skills including: Still photography, Videography, Sound-Engineering, Graphics design etc.
  5. The DVD may include .PDF training manuals and .PPT power-point slide shows.
  6. A once-of training session is now captured on a timeless medium namely DVD.
  7. A DVD may be sent to students who were not able to attend the “LIVE” training session.



How do we tackle a live event’s photo and video? Here are the steps:

  1. Venue inspection.
  2. Camera and crew setup well before guests arrive.
  3. Filming of training session (HD camera’s (3x) on location).
  4. Crystal clear Sound/Audio feed from lapel microphone recorded.
  5. Video & Photo editing (Post production done in studio).
  6. Sound production (Audio mastering by in-house Sound-engineer).
  7. Client input (room for client changes).
  8. Graphics design of DVD packaging (incorporates client logo & Corporate ID).
  9. Delivery of final video and photo’s on DVD and Internet/E-mail format.
  10. Duplication of DVD’s (any quantity).
  11. 5 minute highlights video may also be produced.


* As an optional extra we can also create an ATTENDANCE REGISTER / PARTICIPANTS LIST in .PDF format.

Megaphone Media enjoyed creating training DVD for the likes of:





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