Safety & Induction video / DVD

Need to produce a Safety | Induction Video | DVD?

A multimedia presentation video can effectively replace a written or verbal safety induction. Such a DVD / Video will soon become the safety officer’s best friend as research shows that a video demonstration is more likely to stick around in our busy minds than a 200 page instruction manual! This is useful in helping to reduce injuries as part of you SHEQ plan.

Watch a sample video here:

Benefits to the client:

  1. A tool to decrease rate of injuries (May also be part of SHEQ management)
  2. Higher memory retention through high impact Video & Sound.
  3. Time efficient (Safety officer can do other tasks while the video plays)
  4. Multilingual (optional sound tracks like Zulu, Sepedi, English, Afrikaans)



Steps to Producing a safety video:

1. Script writing (done by a professional copywriter)
2. Voice artist recording (in house recording studio)
3. Filming of relevant footage and interviews (HD camera’s on location)
4. Video editing (Top of the range High-Def. Equipment)
5. Sound production (Audio mastering by in-house Sound-engineer)
6. Client input (room for client changes)
7. Delivery of final video / DVD

* We can also supply your induction video in a Web-format allowing you to e-mail or post the video on a website.

Megaphone Media recently produced safety induction videos for the likes of Foskor and Stefanutti Stocks.


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