The time is NOW for you to create a Corporate or Communications Video!

We make it our job to understand your industry in order to produce an effective corporate video. One that communicates your story!

A corporate video / DVD can be the ultimate, attention grabbing, marketing or communication tool for your business or organization.

Industrial & mining videos showreel - Megaphone Media - 2015 from Megaphone Media on Vimeo.

Megaphone Media Corporate Showreel 2014 from Megaphone Media on Vimeo

Benefits to you:

1. Media asset for various platforms.
2. Versatile marketing and communication tool.
3. Conveys a professional image.
4. A clear, high-impact message through visual communication.
5. A visual company profile.

Steps to produce a great corporate video:

1. Pre-production planning (Content and creative concepts gets planned).
2. Script development (Research and writing by a professional copywriter).
3. Voice artist recording (Broadcast quality voice of your choice).
4. Filming of relevant footage and interviews (HD cameras on location).
5. Motion Graphics Art (logo, graphics and text animations in 2D/3D).
6. Visual tone is executed according to the Corporate Identity.
7. Video editing (Creative….)
8. Revisions (We make provision for client inputs / changes)
9. Sound production (Audio mastering by in-house Sound-engineer)
10. Delivery of final video (Various formats ie. Online, DVD, Presentation etc.)
11. Duplication (Flash-drives or DVD’s may be printed & produced).

The way we see it, it is our absolute privilege to be involved in your world and to be able to visually and creatively tell your story!

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