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Out with the old, in with the new!

Don't settle for the boring old text on screen - let's help you produce high-impact content by means of custom video productions.

How much time could your company save with the help of a supporting e-learning system ? 

Will e-learning replace in-person trainers?

E-learning content can be structured strategically in such a way that it doesn't replace the in-person platform trainer. This way, the core business of a company is still in tact whilst saving the trainers lots of time and other expenses. E-learning is a great supplement to help trainers achieve increased efficiency, improve memory retention with learners and to make assessments easy.

What about online assessments?

Megaphone Media offers an elegant cloud based solution for trainees to do online assessments. Trainers can get reports and and control users from the admin area. Training content is secured behind a fire-walled user area. Our e-learning developers and e-learning software make this happen!

Trainees can work on their OWN TIME, in their OWN SPACE and on their OWN PACE!


Sorry, but after we are done with your training content - you will never go back to the old boring two dimensional text on screen. Multi-Media is what makes our e-learning content so exiting and engaging. We produce content such as video, audio, animations and re-enactments from real life scenarios. We are the e-learning company for you!

Watch training sample videos here:

Megaphone Media on Vimeo.

E-learning video benefits:

  1. A fresh training tool.
  2. Don't replace trainers, save them time.
  3. Higher memory retention through high impact Video & Sound.
  4. Time efficient.
  5. Online assessments.
  6. Own time, own space, own pace.
  7. E-learning developers
  8. E-learning software


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