Funerals & Events Live Streaming SA

Unable to attend a funeral or event of importance?

Megaphone Media provides a professional service in South Africa to live stream video events such as funerals so that you and other expat family members may attend in mind, heart and spirit without having to be there geographically.


We bring you live access for your family and unlimited wider interest groups. This high-end technology service is delivered at the highest quality and at an affordable price to clients who need remote live access to important events. You event is captured through live streaming and then held in storage media for unrestricted private use.



What about internet speed & compatibility?

For viewers: Viewers must have an internet connection sufficient for streaming videos. Any YouTube compatible device will work.
For the venue: Even though an existing internet connection at the event venue is helpful, our crew come standard with Vodacom LTE and MTN LTE modems that are sufficient for most locations.

How does payment work? Megaphone Media accepts international payments via Paypal or Bitcoin. Payment needs to be made upfront in order to confirm your booking.

What other types of events can you live stream video for? We can also video live stream any other live events such as Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Business functions etc.

May I have a copy of the streamed video? Yes, once the video streaming of the event is complete the video stays online for a while so that you may download a copy for yourself anywhere in the world.

How many people can watch and from where? Unlimited. The system is not limited by the amount of viewers or their locations. Any number of viewers will be able to view from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection sufficient for streaming videos. Any YouTube compatible device will work.

Social interaction of viewers? (optional)
The platform that we are using to stream videos allow viewers to make comments in real-time for all other viewers to see and interact with.

Who is Megaphone Media? Megaphone Media is a professional video production company operating in South Africa for the past 13 years. Our clients trust us and typically form valuable long term relationships. We value Quality, Integrity, Creativity and are client Centered. Funerals, weddings and other valued events have been streamed to many clients throughout the world using the most innovative process available in media communication.


Please note, due to the sensitivity and privacy of content in funerals, this video shows samples of our corporate events.

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