One sneaky little trick

Good morning,

Would you agree that the extent of influence you have is dependant on how you CONNECT with people?

I believe it's important to make a personal connection with people. But, here's the problem...thanks to e-mail and text messaging the opportunities to make personal connections are somewhat limited. Have you experienced this...having numerous conversations with someone on e-mail without having met them in person, with no face to the name?

Good marketing and visibility are also based on CONNECTION!

So here is my one sneaky little marketing trick to connect better with people:

An E-mail signature with a photo.
As simple as this may sound, an e-mail signature with a photo of yourself will help you to stand out and avoid being just another e-mail conversation. This is one small thing that you can implement to improve your visibility and marketing. Just think about the number of e-mails that you and your organisation are sending out on a monthly basis.

Seeing someone's face is SO important in this impersonal digital age. Even when we produce marketing videos for companies we always look for ways to include people into the visuals.

To get your own, beautifully designed e-mail signature here's what you need to do:

- Send me your head & shoulders photo (yes girls we do have a talented photoshop editor that can make you look 10 years younger).
- Send me your signed Order Form - download it here or request it from me (note the in-office photo shoot option that may if you don't have a quality photo).

This affordable offer is valid for the next 5 days.

Before long we'll have your e-mail signature designed. We can also make it clickable to click through to your website.
Here are some samples:

signature dr emile jansen

signature anita fivaz

signature megaphone media

signature eugnene meintjies

If you have produced a video with us we can also link your video.

Dedicated to your marketing success!

Ps. Don't allow this to merely stay a good idea...may I encourage you to take action on this? It's a small thing that can make a big difference.

Henrico Hanekom
Level 1 B-BBEE
012 644 0238
082 470 6630

signature henrico hanekom