What will you gain?

  • How to stand out from the rest in your industry.

  • Use the Power of Video to influence.

  • Masterly orchestrate a message to hit your target audience square in the chest.

  • Resonate wider, deeper and higher through the innovative application of Visual communication.

Who should attend?

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Marketing Managers, Sales managers/directors, CEO’s, Directors, Founders, General Managers, Communication officers and Public relations officers. Customer relations and key Account managers working in the field of Marketing & Communication.


…all those who would like to harness the power of influential visual communication.



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Here’s the thing: 2017 is the year of Creative Visual Communication!

Video,Youtube and digital marketing trends this year will make leaders, followers or dinosaurs of us all…

…which one would you like to be?

Wait, hold on, if Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and billion dollar investors are zooming in on video shouldn’t you be too?

Join me to stay in step with trends and the latest in Visual communication & Marketing. Fresh insights will help you to stay top of your game, better contribute in your organisation and produce some LOUD RESULTS.


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If you work in Communication, Sales or Marketing you simply cannot afford to miss this event.


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