Live streaming video for events

Ever wanted to Live Stream your event?

I’m happy to announce that Megaphone Media now offers Live Streaming and event coverage for events.

blog-live-streaming*Yesterday evening we successfully live streamed the Burnett Prize lecture for SAIEE (South-African Institute of Electrical Engineering)

It’s now more relevant than ever

The internet has removed the time and space gap between people. Now that South-Africa is sporting much faster internet speeds than a few years ago, it makes online video and live streaming very accessible. More people are seamlessly consuming video content and that from any device including smart phones.

Interestingly, there are now more people watching Youtube than people watching TV.

Worldwide access

The beauty of live streaming video for your event is that any number of people can access it in real time anywhere around the globe! People have gotten used to the convenience of accessing content online in real time like webinars etc. from their personal space.

Event documentation

Videoing your event for a live stream may also serve as event documentation that can be accessed any time after the event. Another great media asset to have of your event is a Highlights Video of +- 5 minutes that can be used for social sharing, marketing of future events and reporting.

You know your event is important and so is the content, but not everybody is able to have physical access. So let’s get with the times and make it accessible beyond the boundaries of time and space!

Let’s talk about the options for your upcoming event…

Let’s go live!