Why Companies are Firing Their Advertising Agencies

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2018 A new 0% commission model is transpiring. Wondering if your company should be hiring an ad agency or getting rid of the one you have? A rapidly changing advertising and communication landscape is demanding more from ad agencies than what the outdated commission-based model has to offer. […]

The 7 keys to E-learning success

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2018 Make these seven keys part of your strategy to ensure long-term E-learning success. 1. Blend it E-learning doesn’t necessarily require the replacement of in-person trainers. A blended approach that combines touch point training with online methods is the most effective. It saves the organisation time and overheads. […]

Found In a Shoe under a Tree

By now I am sure that you have gained some awareness about the importance of Influential Communication in order to have more impact in the world. It’s a valuable skill and art possessed by most effective leaders. The “evolution of communication” Communication has not just evolved but expanded in massive leaps and bounds! Its history […]

Live streaming video for events

Ever wanted to Live Stream your event? I’m happy to announce that Megaphone Media now offers Live Streaming and event coverage for events. *Yesterday evening we successfully live streamed the Burnett Prize lecture for SAIEE (South-African Institute of Electrical Engineering) It’s now more relevant than ever The internet has removed the time and space gap […]

One sneaky little trick

Good morning, Would you agree that the extent of influence you have is dependant on how you CONNECT with people? I believe it’s important to make a personal connection with people. But, here’s the problem…thanks to e-mail and text messaging the opportunities to make personal connections are somewhat limited. Have you experienced this…having numerous conversations […]

Seriously hot

We have just finished up on a compilation video and let me say….Wow! Never before have Industrial, Mining and Manufacturing videos looked so steaming hot! See for yourself: A great benefit to our industrial clients are the fact that one of our camera men is also a Safety Officer that is able-bodied to film in […]

Happy New Year 2014 In Slow-Mo

I normally supervise the video production process here at Megaphone Media from filming to editing to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with the end product. This time was a little different though… I thought for THIS video it would be O.K. I’ll let our 2x video editors do their own thing. I asked […]