• Found In a Shoe under a Tree

    By now I am sure that you have gained some awareness about the importance of Influential Communication in order to have more impact in the world. It’s a valuable skill and art possessed by most effective leaders.

    The “evolution of communication”
    Communication has not just evolved but expanded in massive leaps and bounds! Its history is ... Read more about this post

  • Live streaming video for events

    Ever wanted to Live Stream your event?

    I’m happy to announce that Megaphone Media now offers Live Streaming and event coverage for events.

    blog-live-streaming*Yesterday evening we successfully live streamed the Burnett Prize lecture for SAIEE (South-African Institute of Electrical Engineering)

    It’s now more relevant than ever

    The internet has removed ... Read more about this post

  • One sneaky little trick

    Good morning,

    Would you agree that the extent of influence you have is dependant on how you CONNECT with people?

    I believe it’s important to make a personal connection with people. But, here’s the problem…thanks to e-mail and text messaging the opportunities to make personal connections are somewhat limited. Have you experienced this…having numerous conversations with someone ... Read more about this post

  • Seriously hot

    We have just finished up on a compilation video and let me say….Wow!

    Never before have Industrial, Mining and Manufacturing videos looked so steaming hot! See for yourself: https://vimeo.com/121454933

    A great benefit to our industrial clients are the fact that one of our camera men is also a Safety Officer that is able-bodied to film in potentially ... Read more about this post

  • Happy New Year 2014 In Slow-Mo

    I normally supervise the video production process here at Megaphone Media from filming to editing to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with the end product. This time was a little different though…

    I thought for THIS video it would be O.K. I’ll let our 2x video editors do their own thing. I asked Kobus ... Read more about this post