The 7 keys to E-learning success

The 7 keys to E-learning success

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2018

Make these seven keys part of your strategy to ensure long-term E-learning success.

1. Blend it

E-learning doesn’t necessarily require the replacement of in-person trainers. A blended approach that combines touch point training with online methods is the most effective. It saves the organisation time and overheads. When portions of existing classroom training like revisions, theoretical modules, practical modules and assessments are addressed with E-learning, new capacity for growth opens up. In addition, time and money is saved for both trainers & trainees

2. Go Mobile

We live in the information age. People are used to data following them around such as an e-mail drafted on a tablet, checked on the office computer and sent from a mobile device. The idea of using a certain device for only a certain application has become archaic. These trends of modern day life dictate that we choose an E-learning system that is mobile and responsive for access from multiple devices & various locations. In order for this to happen your system needs to be hosted online in the cloud.

The systems implemented by Megaphone Media for E-learning are secure, responsive and in the cloud. We take care of hosting and site backups. The E-learning system can hook onto your existing website.

3. Visual Impact

Our only antidote for the absolute overload of information that humans experience on a daily basis is the use of visual communication. A picture tells a thousand words. A video shows 25 pictures every second! The days of taking time to read text-heavy information are over. One would rather watch a short high-impact video that communicates visually. The use of video also brings development time of E-learning down to a fraction compared to traditional text based E-learning. So don’t bore your audience to tears. Use multi-media such as:

  • Visuals
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Animation

Megaphone Media has coined the term V-Learning. In other words…Video based E-learning.

4. Think long term

Most companies involved with internal or external training start to realise their training materials will at some stage need to be migrated to digital. The medium must be something current and electronic in order to future-proof their business or simply to stay in tune with the times. A big challenge to make this move towards E-learning is the high starting cost. This barrier to entry is expected because there’s IT infrastructure that needs to be set up. More often than not, heaps of off-line classroom content needs to be re-developed for the electronic medium. Corporates make capital investments to employ V-learning and it’s justified because in the long run, E-learning saves time and money.

Megaphone Media has a unique approach that allows clients to spread the IT setup costs over a period of time. Also, E-learning content is progressively produced on a monthly basis as opposed to trying to develop all existing content at once. Hence, a monthly retainer option makes E-learning accessible to SME’s.

5. Make it your own USP

Make V-learning your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition)! You may be considering V-learning to supplement current training and/or support the products & services you sell. Having your own V-learning system could be an important USP as it currently is for many companies. Furthermore, V-learning for staff on-boarding may help to establish your business as an employer of choice. Some of our V-learning clients cleverly employ selected portions of their V-learning for the purpose of marketing! We also call it “Edu-marketing”.

6. Agent 00 change

People resist change because they fear the unknown. It is thus important to have a person in the organisation that is a driver for the “new E-learning” program. This “Agent 00 change” will motivate staff and help them understand the benefits. We find that a short demonstration video to showcase the V-learning system and its benefits goes a long way to effective change management. That’s why Megaphone Media’s production team produces such a video as part of the E-learning contents.

7. Understand & convey the benefits

  • Less time away from the workplace.
  • Scalable – Train more staff.
  • Save on overheads: catering, venue, materials, trainers, travelling.
  • Efficient employee on-boarding.
  • More productive.
  • V-learning is memorable.
  • Quality control of training content.
  • Standardisation of training content.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • On-line assessments with immediate certification.
  • Tracking and recording of learner performance.
  • Contents can change easily.
  • Revision or refresher courses conducted with zero cost.
  • Trainees can work in their own time, own space and own pace.
  • Sufficient training body of proof to present to CCMA.

 In conclusion:

Can your organisation afford not to venture into E-learning?

 I look forward to your thoughts on the matter. You are welcome to e-mail me:

Dedicated to your success! Henrico Hanekom, Director, Megaphone Media

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2018

Henrico Hanekom is a Neuro-Marketer who empowers leaders in business to better influence their target audience so that they can reach more people with their message and generate more revenue.